Electronic Leak Detection

It doesn’t take a gusher to cause water damage to your home or business. A slow drip adds up to 10-20 gallons per day, and that’s more than enough. So you may have a serious water leak and not even know it. That’s especially true for slab leaks underneath a concrete floor. Unlike some plumbers we don’t consider hammers and shovels to be leak detection tools! Experience and intuition are good, but not good enough. That’s why our water leak detection services also incorporate the latest in electronic leak detection instruments.

Sanford & Son plumbing provides professional and leak detection services to all Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Murrieta, Sun City, Menifee, Wildomar and surrounding areas.

Do I Have a Water Leak?

Your only clue might be an increase in your water bill, or a drop in your water pressure. You may notice warm or damp spots, mold, water stains or funny smells. Or your water heater may be running more often. Outdoors you may spot damp or extra-lush areas. Your utility company’s web site probably has instructions for reading your water meter to check if you have a leak, but that’s likely to miss smaller problems. And it won’t catch any sewer leaks that pose serious health and fire hazards.

Don’t think you can ignore any suspicions. Even small leaks can lead to warped or rotting wood and disintegrating drywall as well as corroding wires and pipes. All that can be completely hidden until you already have a really big damage repair bill.

High Water Bills? You Might Have A Leak!
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Benefits of Electronic Leak Detection

If you have a leak, you need to know exactly where it is. Don’t settle for the old hit-and-miss and

dig-and-destroy methods many plumbers still use for locating leaks. Our residential and commercial plumbing services include expert leak detection services. Electronic leak detection is fast and reliable, putting a stop to further water damage. It’s non-destructive and non-invasive. So you’ll have minimal repairs in your home or yard that will need restoration.

That’s especially important for slab leaks — leaky pipes underneath a concrete floor slab.

Jack-hammering through concrete and restoring flooring is time consuming, disruptive, and expensive. Accurate electronic location keeps that to an absolute minimum. Knowing the actual location also lets us make accurate cost trade-offs between those kinds of spot repairs and less disruptive alternatives.

Leak Detection Technology

Our electronic leak detection specialists combine experience, training, and the latest equipment to give you the most accurate and reliable results. Depending on the circumstances they may use one or more of the following technologies to pinpoint problems underneath floors and within walls indoors as well as underground leaks outdoors.

  • Moisture meters tell us how damp different areas are, and they’re far more sensitive than the human touch.
  • Radio-frequency pipe tracing uses the pipe as a transmitter antenna, and special receivers let us trace along the pipe’s route.
  • Thermal imaging shows a picture of tiny differences in temperature (on the order of a tenth of a degree) that result from the presence of dampness. That often lets us track down a location in just minutes.
  • Ultrasound instruments detect high-frequency sounds people can’t hear. Pressurizing your pipes with an inert gas such as nitrogen the gas makes an ultrasonic hiss as it escapes, letting us zero in on the location.

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